Sevastopol city Soviet supported the recreational development of Balaklava and JSC «Balaklavskoe RU»



26 of December, 2012 at 9-th session the deputies of Sevastopol City government have approved a "detailed plan of Balaklava district in Sevastopol" and "a detailed plan of the territory around the Gasfort Mount" providing for the creation on the JSC «Balaklavskoe RU» lands a year-round resort of national importance Balaklava Green.

Balaklava Green project involves a gradual cessation of mining and processing operations in Balaklava bay, land reclamation and the construction of multifunctional year-round resort. Realization of the project will contribute to improvement of the environmental and socio-economic development of the region. Project budgeting is provided by Smart-Holding, and at the expense of investors. Expected volume of investment of the project will be about $ 2 billion.  

Since the beginning of the commissioning of the resort, JSC «Balaklavskoe RU» will be redesigned in the company to manage the resort infrastructure of Balaklava Green. As a result of realizing a project Balaklava Green the number of work positions at the enterprise will increase practically in two times. Works on preparing of the territory of the enterprise towards realizing the project Balaklava Green started at Balaklava Mine in 2011 and is actively had continued in 2012. For example, last year in preparation for the creation of the territory of the resort moved more than 950 tons, or 360 thousand cubic meters of mined rock.  

"Recreational development of JSC «Balaklavskoe RU» is a necessary step in the development of the company, which will not only keep staff, increase the number of work positions in the region, but also have a positive impact on the socio-economic development of Sevastopol and Balaklava region", - said the executive director of "Smart-Nerudprom "Arthur Rekov.  

Action plan of JSC «Balaklavskoe RU» and its redevelopment activities in mining and manufacturing was developed for recreational by the "Balaklava Mining group corporation" together with "Smart-Nerudprom" in early 2011.