Better than Balaklava can be only Balaklava Green - W. Yatsuba



29 of March was a presentation of the draft Balaklava Green resort for members of the Sevastopol city council and management of the Balaklava district.

In his opening remarks, the governor of Sevastopol, Vladimir Yatsuba noted that the project will solve the acute problems of the region, in particular, the issues of installation and replacement of utilities, channeling, cultural and economic development of Balaklava. "Better than Balaclava can only be Balaklava Green. It really is a great project, except technical, engineering, construction, this is a big social project. It helps solve a lot of questions. Thanks for it, solved the engineering problems of Balaklava, the problems of sanitation, issues of cultural and economic development of the region "- said. B. Yatsuba.

According to him, he is ready to assist investors himself at all stages of project development. "I am ready to participate in this process, to work with members of City Council, my colleagues, to help speed up the process," - said the Governor.  

In his turn, the project manager Balaklava Green Sergei Ovchinnikov said that the construction of the resort of European level in Crimea will be a landmark event not only for Balaklava, but also for the whole country, because its implementation will make substantial adjustments in the tourism industry.  

"There are 48 million people live in Ukraine. At the same time in Crimea there is no full-fledged resort, where there is a proposal of such a range of services that people were interested to come not only in summer, the "high" season, but in winter. All ideas and solutions, which are laid in Balaklava Green, are intended to attract people for the rest in Ukraine. Thus will be solved not only the question of the territory development of Balaklava, but also a nationwide problem, because nowadays the country is losing 5 to $ 8 billion per year due to outbound tourism, "- said S. Ovchinnikov.  

Let’s remind that the March 15 of the public hearings at the territory of the detailed planning of the project was presented Balaklava Green by Sevastopol and Balaklava media. After that, the project was presented to residents of the region.  

Balaklava Green is the construction of a year-round resort of the national importance with the "green» principles of development and innovative engineering solutions.  

The resort complex Balaklava Green, consisting of hotels, residential and commercial real estate and infrastructure will be built on the territory of four quarries of Balaklava Mining Department with a total area of 750 hectares.